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3.1.6 僕ならこういう: JR東 その他案内 (つかまって・優先座席・携帯電話・グリーン車・・・)



Ladies and gentlemen, please hold on to a strap or a pole at all times. In case of emergency, the driver may apply hard braking.


Please hold on, as the train changes to another track momentarily.


Ladies and gentlemen, please refrain from talking on the phone while on board, not to disturb other passengers.
Also, when the train is crowded, we kindly ask passengers near the priority seats to switch off your mobile phones, in order not to malfunction any medical devices.
(Due to governmental guidelines, mobile phones are suggested to be at least 15 cm away from any medical devices.)
Thank you very much for your understanding.
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Priority seats are at the either end of each car. Please offer these seats to persons with disabilities, and/or those wearing any medical devices, the elderly, expectant mothers, and to passengers with small children. 
Thank you very much for your generosity and cooperation.



「グリーン車」4, 5号車です。グリーン券をお買い求めの場合のみご利用いただけます

First class Green Cars are in Car numbers 4 and 5. An extra fare ticket is required.




Thank you (very much) for riding with us. ・・・の後は現行通り
We look forward to serving you again. でもいいし, 時間に応じた挨拶とかできるといいかも。
午前中なら We hope you have a wonderful day. 
夜なら We hope you have a wonderful time for the rest of the day. 


This is a conductorless train. For our safety, speaking to the driver is not allowed while the train is moving.

「ワンマン列車 降車時」

Exiting passengers: your exit is at the front of the train. The doors of the rear car does not open.
(JR西日本 山陰地区はワンマン列車をconductorless train と表現している)


Push the button upon exiting. Watch out for other passengers when operating the door.
こんな感じでいかがでしょうか。不自然さをすべて取りきることはできませんが, 少なくとも現状よりはわかりやすいのではないかなあと思います。


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