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6.4.1 英語がうまい事例:ANA Safety Video (非常用設備案内)

法規制が変われば動画も変えないとならず, その点は大変だなぁと思います。
必ず電源を切らなければいけなかったのが, 飛行機モードでいいことになったり,
動画内には日本語版と英語字幕がついていますので, 英語の部分だけ改めて書き起こします。その中で学べるポイントを紹介していきたいと思います。
・何が単数で, 何が複数形か?





Transcript (スクリプト
Welcome on board ANA.
May we have your attention for the following safety instructions.
Please place your baggage in the overhead compartment, or under the seat in front of you.
For a smooth evacuation, nothing should block (*) the aisle or exits.
Return your seat and table to the original position during takeoff and landing.
Please keep your seat belt fastened whenever you are seated.
To unfasten, raise the flap.
(1) Smoking is prohibited in the cabin, including the lavatory.
(2) Electronic devices that emit radio waves cannot be used on board.
Switch them to airplane mode or turn them off.
We will now explain the emergency (*) equipment.
Oxygen masks will drop down (3) when necessary.
Pull the mask firmly towards you, place it over your nose and mouth, and (X) breathe normally.
Put the elastic band over your head and adjust it by pulling the ends.
In an emergency, brace for impact.
Emergency exits are located in the forward, center, and rear of the cabin.
(4) Check your nearest exit.
Emergency lights will guide you to the exits.
Remain seated and wait for instructions.
Leave all baggage behind and remove high-heeled shoes.
Put both arms out, sit up straight, and slide down.
Help the others up to their feet.
Move away from the aircraft immediately.
(*) A life vest is under or beside your seat.
Slip the life vest over your head.
Fasten the buckles and tighten the straps.
(5) Inflate the life vest at the door or on the wing by pulling both knobs.
(3) If you need more air, blow into the tubes.
Please look at the safety instructions card in your seat pocket.
(3) If you have any questions, please contact a cabin attendant.
FYI: 動画内の綴り "breath" は誤りと思われます。動詞でブリーズと発音するときは breathe と表記し, 最後のEが必要です。

記事を読んで楽しいと思ってくださった方, よろしければぜひ, 読者になってください!






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